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19 May 2009 @ 11:25 pm
Kris =) haha  
OMG I love my sister for having iTunes she's going to buy all Kris' songs and make me a copy yay I hope he wins American Idol tomorrow. It was like so funny I was telling me Mom and shes like I like adam and I'm like OMG we (me and my sis) haaattttteeeeeeeeee his cocky dumbass!!!!! so we're gonna disown her haha jk :) but seriously anyone who doesn't like Kris is blind cause he's so fucking hoottt and deaf cause he's soooo talented unlike that cocky dumbass we were like shocked she liked him we're like yeah..take that back say you like our BF LMAO! she missed it tonight tho so I was texting her what was happening and I'm like dude Heather text vote noowwwwww to vote for Kris so we've been voting all night but we're like k I'm kinda getting bored but he has to win we can't let cockyass win no wayy if he does America is dumb blind and def deaf! Ughh I totally wanna go to the finale tomorrow that'd be awesome but Heather works =( we still can't believe our mom likes Adam LOL cause we're in looove with Kris haha
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