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17 January 2009 @ 11:30 am
OH MY GOD FOUR MORE DAYS! HELL YEAH!!! and if you don't know whats going on in 4 days then where have u been? Lol Bushs LAST DAY BABY AND OBAMA OFFICALLY IS PRESIDENT! OMGOMGOMG! I am soooo excited I can't wait. It's about damn time our country made the right choice with no republican running our country god it's good! There's going to be so many changes good changes for our wonderful country I totally trust Obama that he'll head this country back in the right direction. It's going to e great. Finally in 8 years I can be excited about a president normally I wanna cry and scream but we got it right this time.

one thing im not happy about still is Prop 8! Ugh god i saw a sticker on someones car they had a McCain one and Yes on 8 a republican and yes on 8 supporter? I wanted to smash their damn windows in ughh fucking conservtive fuck! Not so much the McCain one but Yes on 8 that pissed me off cause believe it or not I do personally know people who are Republicans (I KNOW SHOCKING LOL!!) but it's irritating!
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16 January 2009 @ 11:40 am
I looovvvee winter I am so loving this weather! It's been a wk now in the 80s winter in Los Angeles is awesome of course ppl are already complaining I'm like it's freezing in every other state so we have no right to complain lol but name any of the 49 states I'll buy u a plane ticket there and u can have fun freezing ur ass off so shut up I'd much rather it be warm then deal with below zero ew no! But the bad thing is it gets really cold at night we've been going out pretty much everyday but u need to bring a jacket cause once the sun goes down the temp drops to like the mid 60s and it gets really cold ugh so annoying lol but I cant complain since I'm sure no one will have sympthay for us LOL

BTW don't watch American Idol so they get that it needs to end like now! God it's old just end it already damn people need to stop watching it then they'll know no one cares anymore I wish it'd go away already ugghh!
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11 January 2009 @ 03:31 pm
OMG I absolutely love winter in Los Angeles LOL this is perfect sunny and warm in the middle of January! Can't get any better it's like 80 out today and tomorrow it's supposed to be 85! Yay you don't know how happy that makes me lol even tho it's been sunny it was cold and I was hoping it'd get warm soon and pretty much the whole week it's supposed to be sunny & warm yaayy! :) see this is why I could never leave Los Angeles our weather is too perfect. I am outside right now on the porch lol enjoying the sun it feels soo good we can finally go out without having to bundle up woo hoo haha I feel bad for the people who live where it's cold and snowy which is almost everywhere else lol I was just telling my mom I give people who live in cold places a lot of credit cause I couldn't do it lol I mean they actually have to go outside to go to work & school like dude I stayed inside most of the time w/ a bunch of blankets with the heat blasting when it was in the 60's lol so idk how people do it their brave haha
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30 November 2008 @ 08:00 am
It's 7:30 A.M and I have not gotten to sleep yet ahhhhh I am going to go fucking insane seriously! And it's so cold it is 53 right now no wonder I can't sleep it's soooo freezing thank God it's gonna "warm up" tho it's going to be 80 tomorrow which isn't that warm but better then freezing. I need more blankets I seriously have every blanket in this house on top of me which is about 20 blankets and I'm still not warm then again when it's only 53 outside it's pretty much impossible to get warm but yay the sun is out so it better start getting warm fast before I die! And I need to get up real quick too lol idk how I'm going to manage that. Ugh we so need fireplaces damnit! And I need to go and find more blankets and hopefully go to sleep otherwise I'll be an even bigger bitch I am soooo not nice when I lose any precious sleep! So good night

OMG!!! Two more days til Brit's CD ahh! I am so damn excited it's sad lol I used to be the hugest most obsessed Britney fan like ever lol then I was like whatever haha and now I think I am becoming a huge fan again never thought that'd happen haha yeah I am so buying her CD tuesday. Someone (thanks Meagan) the link for her leaked CD buuuuttt it was too big a file to download on my phone so I couldn't I was so pissed lol it was working and I was all excited then it poped up "this file cannot be opened cause it's too big" or something like that uggghh I seriously screamed LOL so I have to wait til Tuesday but I'm going to Target cause hello best prices for cds and dvds lol when they open at 8 A.M to buy it and come home and listen to it yay

Okay now after I go find more blankets I am going to try and get some sleep before I go insane.
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26 November 2008 @ 10:41 pm
OMG the rain has been fucking INSANE!!! I don't think it's ever been this bad in Los Angeles wow it was crazy. I was out and about in Burbank today and all of a sudden it starts pouring you couldn't even see in front of you it was that heavy and it went on for like an hour!!!! Insane! And last night I heard it thunder like about 3 times but it was still scary haha on the radio yesterday they asked if people thought we (people who live in Los Angeles) were whimps when it came to the rain and everyone pretty much said YES! Lol it's true my friend normally lives in the Midwest and is always teasing me about it but IDC we are whimps cause we're not used to it esp like this dude of course we're going to be scared and if people want to laugh at us for that then go ahead :) but I guess the worst part is over thank god! Better not ruin my holiday even tho I'm not doing much lol but still I can't wait to see the sun again lol not only is it scary but it's depressing!

Ugh I'm so bored normally I am texting people or on the phone but everyone is busy cause of the holiday's. If u want u can text me it's free and unlimited LOL jk...sorta I am really bored I need to talk to someone damn my friends and being busy! They suck haha

Happy Thanksgiving :) hope where you are it's a little better weather and not so cold (I think it's only 59 or 60 brrr!!) have a nice holiday whatever your doing! :)
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19 November 2008 @ 05:13 pm
I finally added new pictures to my myspace lol my old phone didn't let me upload photos and I just figured out my blackberry does :) yay so if you want to see the Christmas tree lighting cermony pictures go to http://www.myspace.com/thats_hoto7 or my name Laura Nicole as far as I know anyone can see it you don't have to be my friend cause it's not private. I took a picture of me without one of my oversized sunglasses on LOL cause people kept complaining that in every pic I had them on and I wanted to show people why I mean I warned them lol if you just ate you may want to wait otherwise you may lose your lunch lmao! Thank God I didn't eat all day I think I would have lost mine but I do feel a little nauseous now hmm. It will be the one and ONLY time I will let people see me without big sunglasses I love oversized sunglasses cause it hides my face and I know I still look pathetic haha but at least I can go out without scaring people but hey they'll see they wanted to see me w/o sunglasses and I took a pic but they'll regret that haha don't blame me if you get sick after.

But yeah look at the Christmas tree pics they're pretty :) hey I need some kind of pretty pics to put on there haha :P
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16 November 2008 @ 11:44 pm
Wow the fires are still burning there are 3 major wildfires burning right now in Southern California :( I got the Los Angeles times today and God it made me so sad the front page it had pics from the fires and pretty much the whole first section was about the fires and the pictures made me sad :( you just want to do something for people who lost homes and can't it's like I want to give them a home to stay in. I don't know what I'd do if I lost my home but sadly we live in Southern Cali and the chance of fires is uh...100 percent and we just have to accept it. It's supposed to cool down tomorrow's only going to be 83 and after that in the mid 70s so that's good news it should def help.

On Saturday I went to a Christmas tree lighting at the Americana in Glendale it was nice I took lots of pics and they came out good I wanted to put them on here but idk how? Lol only in Los Angeles would there be a Christmas tree lighting and be 80 degrees out haha it felt more like 4th of July! Ohhh it was awesome after they lit the tall huge ass tree there was a bunch of fireworks!! It was so pretty they were red and green oh so pretty! Christmas trees and fireworks only in Los Angeles haha that's what we kept joking.thank God we went outside to see it cause they had the fireworks shoot off the roof of Barnes and Noble and first we were in B and N but we were on the third floor sitting at the window and they kept getting mad lol but idk it was nice I just can't get in the Christmas spirt when it felt like July when we light Christmas trees it should be cold and snowy lol I just want it to snow I know most people don't think snow is a miracle and amazing but in Los Angeles it would be a miracle and amazing! I'd die and I'd be sooo happy just for one damn day it's all I want then it can be sunny and warm again lol god it'd be beautiful to see but I can keep wishing cause it'll never happen lol

Anyway hopefully they contain these fires soon! I went out earlier to check my mail since I was out all day Saturday and like totally forgot and the minute I opened my door I could smell smoke and the closest fire is Sylmar I could smell it all the way from there! Wow it was so bad and it was strong too and the sky was smoky too :( ugh Los Angeles already has unhealthy and dirty air this is making it worse. So I just stayed in today plus Saturday was a long day I didn't get home til late after the Christmas tree lighting and didn't sleep well so hopefully I will tonight. And again let's hope everyone affected by these fires in SoCal are safe and okay!
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15 November 2008 @ 12:44 am
Man I just checked weather.com and it said for Burbank, California it's 79! At 12:15 a.m God it's the middle of Nov I love it. It def still feels like summer yay. But the bad thing... Fires :( and this year seems worse cause it's so damn dry too we haven't gotten much rain this year good for me lol bad for fires esp by now I should know cause I always dread Oct, Nov knowing it's going to rain more but it only has a couple times and it wasn't anything major so that can't be good for us it sure doesn't help the fires. I don't think there's much left of Southern California left to burn we've had so many fires :( I guess that's the bad thing about Los Angeles/California but then again I hate rain/thunderstorms and it's rare here, where else but here Is it sunny all the time? And that matters to me the weather is the main reason I love Los Angeles and would never leave. But I really hope the people in and around " the tea" fire (Santa Barbara/Montecito) and now in Sylmar stay safe and hey we're Southern Californianer's we can take it we know how to stay safe because sadly we're used to fires and even tho people lost their homes hey it's just a home it can be rebuilt as long as your alive and safe that's all that matters.

I know tomorrow is going to be hot again yay looking forward to it but sadly there's still a fire weather warning and santa ana wind thing going on which soooo doesn't help it makes it a million times worse! But yeah let's hope everyone is safe that's what matters. :)
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13 November 2008 @ 05:54 am
Oh I love fall in Los Angeles I mean really who needs changing colors and all that? Lol it's going to be in the 80's today and tomorrow almost 90! Yay I didn't know how much longer I could take it being freezing the last past few days I think it barely got to 70 if that I could barely get out of bed then I just had to sit in front of the heater lol god I don't know how people do it who live where it's like 30s in the day and they actually go outside lol I'd die. It'll be so nice to be warm again

One thing I hate about California...our dumbass governor! He wants to raise our tax by 1.5% which yeah we don't pay much right now only 8.25% which isn't bad but on the news they said it could be more then 10% HELL NO!! Don't make us pay for your mistakes. The state of California ran out of money which I find funny I don't get how a state esp as big as us runs out of money but yeah he is trying basically to come up with ways to get it back. Hey Arnold there's this little place maybe you heard of it (prob not tho) called Washington D.C. IDK maybe they can help our state out? Hmm there's an idea. Out of the 38 million people who live here I think we pay 36 million to live here no wonder we're the most populated why not when you can screw the government out of money be a lazy ass not work get SSI food stamps welfare whatever you can get. And yes I am 23 and never worked a day in my life but my mom pays for my shit not the God damn state of California! I've seen my mom's checks and half is taken out in taxes!!! It's ridiculous where does that money go? So lazy people don't have to work and can live off of CA..I don't think so. If he wants our state to get money back only send SSI to truly disabled people and of course retired no more fucking welfare and food stamps (besides I hate when ppl use that it's annoying so just don't) people need to get a fucking job if they want money and like I said it's not the same cause I am living off my mom not our state hell sometimes I wish they would send me money but I wouldn't qualify I've given enough of money to them and if I had to I'd get a job I wouldn't live off the government which is what people need to start doing. I really can't wait til his time is up it can't come sooner which I think is still 2 yrs? Hope not tho cause God help us then!

Anyways I think I am going to try and get back to sleep since it's only 6 A.M lol
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05 November 2008 @ 09:28 pm
Well first of all...Thank God Obama won!! Hell fucking yes!!!!! Its funny before the results were in I was like I bet anything McCain is going to get the South and what do ya know every southern state went to McCain Lol omg shocker!! (:sarcasm:) haha god I would never be able to live there...full of Republicans! God someone would have to kill me

Anyway FUCK YOU CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck all you little stupid fucks who voted Yes on Prop 8! And even tho we were just voting on it here I'm sure you know what Prop 8 is...ban same sex marriage so a Yes vote meant u wanted to ban it and the open minded non discrimnating people like me who voted No on 8 wanted to keep same sex marriage legal in California. FUCK all you dumb discriminating closed minded fucks!!! I really was shocked when I found out Yes on 8 won this is California for crying out loud how could that happen??? There is so much diveristy here I would think people would be accepting. No on 8 was winning a few months ago but then the Yes team came out with dumb ads saying our children would be taught about it in schools and dumb fucking lies we were never taught about it in school you dumb fucks and I would rather my kid learn gays could marry then to discriminate! No matter how you felt about same sex marriage its not about that I mean I have no prob with it but its about equal rights. I think plenty of people know what its like to be discriminated against cause of who they are but we have rights what if we took your rights away?? No matter who we are and who we love we all deserve to be treated equally. I am completely shocked and totally pissed Yes on 8 passed just a big Fuck You California you dumb fucks! I never thought I would be ashamed to be from here but I def am right now. If same sex marriage can't happen here where can it?? A state like California where everyone is different so much diversity and we ban it? And we voted to ban it who are you you dumb fuck to say a guy can't marry another guy or a girl can't marry a girl? Who are you to take away that right??

I guess if all the dumb fucks who voted Yes on 8 can actually be okay with themselves knowing they took away someones right and realise how discriminatorty they are and can be okay with that then I feel bad for those fuckers cause again its not a same sex issue but an equal rights thing and the state I love so much took that away from them I just hope they keep fighting for their rights cause I know if I couldn't marry the man I love I would be outraged what if they took away those rights?? People should open their fucking minds a little
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