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{{ _ nothing tastes as good as thin feels }} ~

__ cRAviNG is oNLy a fEEliNG * % }

~ * nicole / / '
30 March 1985
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Add me on facebook - Laura Nicole Mattson - or myspace I'm addicted to FB and go on like everyday lol but find Twitter annoying haha

My name is Laura but go by my middle name Nicole cause I like it better :)

I am 24 years old

I live in Los Angeles I love it here and would never leave but I am from CT

I love to shop it's a bad addiction lol read gossip mags and fashion mags

I am obsessed with celebs my favs are Angelina Jolie she's hot she's my girl crush lol Paris Hilton of course Ashlee Simpson Jessica Simpson Gwen Stefani Lauren Conrad Tila Tequila and I loovve Kris Allen haha he's so damn hot and talented =)